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The Southern Agricultural Center of Excellence will align students with the resources of academic institutions and industry to develop and sustain the workforce needs of agriculture in Southern Minnesota.

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Veterans in Ag

Get insights from veterans, industry leaders, and educators.

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About Us

The Southern Agricultural Center of Excellence is a collaborative effort between South Central College, Minnesota West Community & Technical College, Southwest Minnesota State University, Riverland Community College, and Minnesota State.

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AFNR Careers in Minnesota

Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources (AFNR) Careers

Did you know that there are high-paying, high-tech jobs in Agriculture, Foods, and Natural Resources (AFNR) in Minnesota? Learn about the many career options in AFNR, start your education, and more!


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Career Pathways

Environmental Service Systems

Pathway focused on preventing the harmful effects of human activities; knowledge of science and engineering.

Biotechnology Systems

Pathway enhances plants, animals and microorganisms; have a strong interest and background in how science can modify an organism’s genetic composition.

Power, Structural and Technical Systems

Apply knowledge of engineering, hydraulics, pneumatics, electronics, power, structures and controls to agriculture. Innovate, design and build solutions.

Natural Resources Systems

Maintain and manage natural environment; work in urban and rural settings, in the field and in the lab. Protecting wildlife, maintaining parks.

Agribusiness Systems

Careers in this pathway determine effective use of resources for profit, work in teams and using high-tech tools to increase efficiency.

Animal Systems

Working with and caring for animals of all sizes; opportunities to work directly with animals or to work with products from animals.

Plant Systems

Study plants and how they impact our world. Feed our growing population; monitor food quality and safety; develop insect resistant crops; grow more food with less space; conserve natural resources.

Food Products and Processing Systems

Study the physical, biological and chemical makeup of foods to improve food safety, create better processes, and enhance nutritional value and shelf-life: develop new flavors.


Minnesota State
Minnesota State University - Mankato
Minnesota West Community & Technical College
South Central College
Southwest Minnesota State University
Riverland Community College
Rochester Community and Technical College
Assured Partners AgriBusiness
Citizens Bank Minnesota
Compeer Financial
Ag Hedge Desk
MN Board of Water and Soil Resources
Pipestone Helping Farmers
Prinsco Water Management Solutions
Tru Shrimp
Wakefield Pork Incorporated

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