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Mission and Vision

Our Mission:

The Southern Agricultural Center of Excellence will align students with the resources of academic institutions and industry to develop and sustain the workforce needs of agriculture in Southern Minnesota.

Our Vision:

The Southern Agricultural Center of Excellence will serve as a dominant force in the promotion of education in agriculture and agricultural careers, aligning colleges and curriculums across the region.  

Annual Reports:

pdfSACE 2023 Annual Report.pdf7.18 MB (NEW!)
pdfSACE 2022 Annual Report.pdf5.97 MB 
pdfSACE 2021 Annual Report.pdf9.53 MB 
pdfSACE 2020 Annual Report.pdf4.67 MB 
pdfSACE 2019 Annual Report.pdf3.34 MB

AFNR Legislative Annual Reports:

pdfAFNR 2023 Post-Secondary and FBM Legislative Report.pdf1.25 MB (NEW!)
pdfAFNR 2022 Post-Secondary Legislative Report.pdf1.37 MB

pdfAFNR 2021 Post-Secondary Legislative Report.pdf1.43 MB 

pdfLegislative 2021 Annual Report - FBM2.11 MB
pdfLegislative 2020 Annual Report - Post-Secondary AFNR1.49 MB

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