Agriculture Safety Trailer

Check out a new program with the Minnesota Department of Agriculture to provide funds to farmers.  The Grain Storage Facility Safety Cost-Share helps Minnesota farmers buy, ship, and install eligible safety equipment for on-farm grain bins or silos.

Click this link for more information on funds:  Grain Bin Safety Cost Share Program

The Agriculture Safety Trailer is available for business, organizations, farms, and individuals to bring an ag safety curriculum or day as a training for their employees, students, or as a part of an event they are hosting. 

Current programs for the Agriculture Safety Trailer include:

  • Grain Bin Safety - This illustrates the strength that is needed to pull a person out of a grain bin once they've been entrapped.  Through a partnership with the Minnesota Department of Agriculture, a limited number of brightly colored grain bin safety signs are available upon request.
  • Gravity Wagon Grain Flow - This demonstrates how easy it is for a person to get pulled under grain when emptying a gravity flow wagon
  • Auger Safety - This simulates how articles of clothing can be caught on an auger and get pulled into it
  • Agriculture Chemical Safety - This shows the importance of labeling chemicals and how a chemical may look like everyday non-chemical items.  It also stresses the importance of using personal protective equipment (PPE) when there is exposure to chemicals.
  • Lockout Tagout - Included with this exhibit is a breaker box and a lockout tagout tag stressing the importance of safe practices when equipment may be taken out of service for repair or maintenance.  Thanks to a partnership with the Minnesota Department of Agriculture, a limited number of Lockout Tagout tags are available upon request.
  • Pinch Points - This is an exhibit with pulleys and sprockets showing various pinch points when using these items

Please contact Nathan Hanel at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or at 507-389-7435 for details and to schedule the ag safety trailer.  We are working on updating our exhibits and adding more to our collection.

If you are simply looking for printed or digital resources related to ag safety, below are a variety of resources:

 safety trailer1