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Events and Resources

Listed below are a number of events and resources that would be of general interest to people in the Farm Business Management program.  The events come from a variety of resources. 



Find us in the UMASH Wellness Pavilion at Farmfest in Morgan on August 6th - 8th from 8AM - 4PM.  We'll be focusing on Farm Business Management and there will be some FBM instructors there that you can visit with.  To learn more details about Farmfest, visit https://www.ideaggroup.com/farmfest.  We'll also be giving away ear protection and safety glasses.


Multi-Generational Farm Transition Retreats (Feb. 23 & 24, 2024 in North Mankato OR March 8th & 9th in St. Cloud)

Join us for hands-on planning and discussion on farm transition for the whole farm family. All generations actively involved in the farm should attend the retreat together, including spouses, partners and/ or other relevant parties. Pick the location most convenient for your family.  Attend to dive deeper into conversations about: family and business goals, job responsibilities, financial needs of farms and families, inheritance considerations, and mechanisms of transfer.  Register at https://extension.umn.edu/courses-and-events/farm-transition-and-estate-planning. pdf2024 Farm Transition Flyer -3 locations.pdf605.09 KB

Minnesota West Farm Business Management Podcasts

Farm Business Management instructors at Minnesota West Community and Technical College are putting together bi-weekly podcasts about topics of interests to farmers.

In this series of four interactive 45-minute sessions, you’ll develop insights and skills to help you recognize, understand and support farm youth experiencing  stress. These online sessions are an adaptation of a three-hour workshop we offered at several Minnesota locations in 2019. Whether the content is new to you or you simply want a refresher, we hope you’ll participate and will share the opportunity with friends and colleagues.

  1. Day 1 - Factors and Expression:  Stress in Farm Youth
  2. Day 2 - Impact of Farm Stress and Trauma on Adolescent Development
  3. Day 3 - Building Intentional Relationships with Farm Youth
  4. Day 4 - Building Community Initiatives to Support Farm Youth (start about 2 minutes in; there was an audio hiccup at beginning)


Farm Succession Planning Workbook

Cultivating Your Farm’s Future has been developed by University of Wisconsin–Madison Division of Extension as a companion workbook for participants in Extension’s various programs for farm succession and transition planning. This workbook may also be useful for service professionals as they facilitate conversations around farm succession planning with their clients. The workbook provides worksheets and checklists to help farm business members and families through a three-step process. pdfMinnesota Farm Succession Workbook.pdf1.02 MB

Minnesota Agricultural Water Quality Certification Program Scholarship

The Minnesota Agricultural Water Quality Certification Program (MAWQCP) Farm Business Management Scholarship provides scholarships to water quality certified producers to learn business management strategies that will lead to profitable and competitive farming operations.  The scholarship form is found here.

A study shows that farmers enrolled in MAWQCP had higher profits than non-cerified farms.  Specifically, the 64 MAWQCP farms in the study saw 2020 profits that were an average of $40,000 or 18% higher (median of $11,000) than non-certified farms. The 2019 data showed an average of $19,000 or 20% (median of $7,000) in higher profits for certified producers. Other key financial metrics are also better for those enrolled in the MAWQCP, such as debt-to-asset ratios and operating expense ratios.  These two years of data serve as an early indicator of a positive return on investment for the whole-farm conservation management farmers implement in order to become certified.

Cover Crop Scholarship Program

Are you a MN farmer growing cover crops?  You can receive a $100-$150/credit scholarship to participate in Minnesota Farm Business Management.

Ag Tax Seminar

The Agricultural Tax Issues Course targets income tax professionals who work with farmers. The course also is relevant to agricultural professionals such as agricultural lenders and farm management instructors.

Farm Transfer and Estate Planning

The University of Minnesota Extension is offering various farm transfer and estate planning webinar series. The MN Agricultural Centers of Excellence have also teamed up with with the U of M to produce a farm transition newsletter and they are found below.

Dr. Kohl Newsletters

Dr. David M. Kohl is a Professor at Virginia Tech in Agricultural Finance and Small Business Management. He has written a series of articles for the Minnesota State FBM education program.

Youth Tractor and Farm Safety Training

Youth tractor and farm safety training teaches youth 14 years and older about safe equipment operation and general farm safety.  This program is offered each summer at multiple training locations across the state. The cost of the training is $40 per student.  Students who complete the program are eligible to receive a U.S. Department of Labor certificate of training. This certificate is required for 14- and 15-year-olds who wish to work on farms as employees.  Visit https://extension.umn.edu/courses-and-events/youth-tractor-and-farm-safety-training for more details.

Minnesota State Northern Agricultural Center of Excellence

Visit our partner, the Minnesota State Northern Agricultural Center of Excellence, also known as AgCentric, as they offer additional Farm Business Management Resources.

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