Listed below are a number of events and resources that would be of general interest to people in the Farm Business Management program.  The events come from a variety of resources.


Farmland Rental Workshops
University of Minnesota Extension Farmland Rental Workshops help farmers, landlords and ag professionals determine a fair farmland rental rate. Presenters review historical rental rates throughout Minnesota and use data-driven decisions to help determine a fair value for land.

Farm Transition and Estate Planning Webinars
University of Minnesota Extension is presenting four webinars on introductory farm transition and estate planning. Webinars are held Wednesdays in December 2021 from 10 –11:30 a.m.and are no cost to attendees. Pre-registration is requested; meetings held virtually on Zoom. Attend one or attend all four!  pdfFarm_Transition_Events_2021_and_2022.pdf1.3 MB

Dr. Kohl's Webcast - December 13th, 2021 at 12PM
Dr. Kohl will provide a framework of actionable items to implement in your business plan for the decade of the 2020's.  Come with your questions for dialogue with other engaged learners on the webinar.  Contact your FBM instructor for location and details. .pdf2021-Dr-Kohls-Webinar-flyer.pdf1.52 MB

Multi-Generational Farm Transition Retreat - Feb. 25 and 26, 2022 in Alexandria or March 11 and 12, 2022 in Mankato
Join us for hand-on planning and discussion for the farm family.  All generations actively involved in the farm should attend the retreat together, including spouses, partners and/or other relevant parties.  Pick the location most convenient for you.  pdfFarm_Transition_Events_2021_and_2022.pdf1.3 MB

U of M Extension Corn Silage Pricing Webinar
In late August 2021, a one hour webinar was held on strategies for the buyer and seller to negoitate a fair price for corn silage.  Here is a direct link for the webinar -

Dairy Business Innovation Alliance
The Dairy Business Innovation Alliance (DBIA) is offering free webinars in its Let's Keep Your Business Going series for value for value-added dairy entrepreneurs (or prospective entrepreneurs).  DBIA is funded by USDA and provides technical assistance and grants to help dairy farmers and processors in Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota and Wisconsin improve their profitability.  

Supporting Farm Youth (these are recordings of the sessions previously held)
A struggling farm economy and other concurrent production, social, and cultural challenges, including COVID, have been difficult and even destructive for farm families. And they don’t just affect the well-being of farm and ranch owners – they impact family members as well. Children and adolescents may be living in tense situations, feeling isolated, and with little ability to make sense of what is going on around them. Caring adults in the community can make a big difference.

Minnesota West Farm Business Management Podcasts 
Farm Business Management instructors at Minnesota West Community and Technical College are putting together bi-weekly podcasts about topics of interests to farmers.

In this series of four interactive 45-minute sessions, you’ll develop insights and skills to help you recognize, understand and support farm youth experiencing  stress. These online sessions are an adaptation of a three-hour workshop we offered at several Minnesota locations in 2019. Whether the content is new to you or you simply want a refresher, we hope you’ll participate and will share the opportunity with friends and colleagues.

  1. Day 1  Factors and Expression:  Stress in Farm Youth
  2. Day 2  Impact of Farm Stress and Trauma on Adolescent Development
  3. Day 3 Building Intentional Relationships with Farm Youth
  4. Day 4  Building Community Initiatives to Support Farm Youth  (start about 2 minutes in; there was an audio hiccup at beginning)

Ag Symposium (2021 Ag Symposium was not held due to COVID-19 limitations)
South Central College, the most respected name in Agricultural education in southern Minnesota, is embarking on a program to address the needs of the modern ag producer. Taking their cues from other top-flight national conferences, SCC will be hosting its annual Agricultural Symposium.

Rural Legislative Forum (December 2, 2021)
More than three-dozen years ago, the Rural Forum was started by the Minnesota AgriWomen’s Association and the University of Minnesota Extension. Since its inception, it has changed hands but one thing that has not changed is the overarching goal to gather the community in important conversations about our rural economy and about agriculture. A crucial element is to have those discussions with key elected officials, along with industry speakers that can really help pull the picture together.


Minnesota Agricultural Water Quality Certification Program Scholarship
The Minnesota Agricultural Water Quality Certification Program (MAWQCP) Farm Business Management Scholarship provides scholarships to water quality certified producers to learn business management strategies that will lead to profitable and competitive farming operations.  The scholarship form is found here.

pdfScholarship Policy207.2 KB
pdfScholarship Flyer1.43 MB
pdfScholarship Brochure4.08 MB

A study shows that farmers enrolled in MAWQCP had higher profits than non-cerified farms.  Specifically, the 64 MAWQCP farms in the study saw 2020 profits that were an average of $40,000 or 18% higher (median of $11,000) than non-certified farms. The 2019 data showed an average of $19,000 or 20% (median of $7,000) in higher profits for certified producers. Other key financial metrics are also better for those enrolled in the MAWQCP, such as debt-to-asset ratios and operating expense ratios.  These two years of data serve as an early indicator of a positive return on investment for the whole-farm conservation management farmers implement in order to become certified.

Cover Crop Scholarship Program
Are you a MN farmer growing cover crops?  You can receive a $100-$150/credit scholarship to participate in Minnesota Farm Business Management. pdfCover_Crop_Scholarship_2021.pdf261.8 KB

Ag Tax Seminar
The Agricultural Tax Issues Course targets income tax professionals who work with farmers. The course also is relevant to agricultural professionals such as agricultural lenders and farm management instructors.

Farm Transfer and Estate Planning
The University of Minnesota Extension is offering various farm transfer and estate planning webinar series.  The MN Agricultural Centers of Excellence have also teamed up with with the U of M to produce a farm transition newsletter and they are found below.

Dr. Kohl Newsletters
Dr. David M. Kohl is a Professor at Virginia Tech in Agricultrual Finance and Small Business Management.  He has written a series of articles for the Minnesota State FBM education program.

pdfEconomic Megatrends - 2022_and_Beyond244.58 KB (NEW)
pdfDialogue with Dr. Dave.pdf113.04 KB
pdfViews and Perspectives from Cyberville.pdf108.84 KB
pdfI Want to Own A Farm Business.pdf105.67 KB
pdfBusiness Problems You Want to Have.pdf114.76 KB

Visit our partner, the Minnesota State Northern Agricultural Center of Excellence and also known as AgCentric, as they offer additional Farmer Business Management Resources.